Every Miserable Attitude

Primeira da seção dos meus ataques de letrista… surgiu na minha cabeça quando minha mãe tentou vagamente me falar sobre o amor do deus cristão enquanto comia um bicho morto, frito e empanado. Deus me livre.

Every miserable attitude
She wants to talk about the love of God
While she chews a dead animal
An innocent life destroyed by her greed
What the fucking credit would I give?

He hates abortion, “what a sin”
He’s in defense of all life
Even if a nine-year-old girl have been raped
Her life is nothing but a mistake

They say violence is a bad idea
They don’t want us to be armed
But they support an industry of hate that sentenced us to rape
Pornography has sold our bodies slice by slice
And we are affording the damn price

[CHORUS] Every miserable attitude you have
Makes me wanna smash your head
But the cruelest consequence of your behavior’s
The havoc of my hope that still remains
HOPE, I support yet
FAITH, feeds my soul
COMMITMENT, guides my path
JUSTICE, I’ll always believe it, no matter what you say I’ll never deceive it

You judge that guy from your own point of view
He’s deep into hard drugs, sniffing full-time
Look at that junkie bastard you would say
You forget that your beer and your cigars are fucking addictions the same way

Everybody’s speaking about peace
Even if it means only peace for themselves, their families, their friends
There’s no sacrifice, no altruism, no humility

When the hell will you take into consideration that you’re not alone in this world?
When the hell will everybody think and act collectively?
When the hell will you see that what the other do is of your business too?


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